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“We have been completely pleased with our daughter’s preschool experience at Valley Springs Christian Preschool. When she joined the school as a 4 year old, she was welcomed in the first couple minutes. Every teacher knelt down to her eye level and spoke a friendly word to her. Instantly, we knew this was a school that was child-centered and loving.  The three teachers facilitate so much wonderful, rich language into every lesson. Thematic units are creative and engage the students’ attention and imagination. I have not seen a single project brought home that didn’t have a very specific, developmentally appropriate learning goal behind it. Our daughter loves the beautiful balance of choice and structure, indoor and outdoor, listening and speaking, academic and learning-focused play. The classroom is designed for little hands, everything so thoughtfully placed and organized. The teachers model the kindness and calm of Christ. Their understanding of the importance of teaching the WHOLE child is evident: mind, heart, and spirit. Although our daughter has been so beautifully prepared for kindergarten, we will be so sad when she leaves this wonderful school. We highly recommend Valley Springs Christian Preschool!”


The Leddy Family

“My husband and I researched and toured several preschools in the Granite Bay/Roseville area. When we found Valley Springs Christian Preschool we knew it was the perfect fit for our son. As an educator myself, I wanted to find a school that not only helped our child grow socially and emotionally, but would challenge him academically as well. VSCP provides an engaging and balanced curriculum that includes art, music, science, math, reading, writing and more. At VSCP, learning happens all the time! The director and teachers work hard to successfully embed educational lessons into all parts of the day.They even provide academic based activities in the students' exploratory play that revolve around their thematic units. The classroom environment is clean, organized, warm and inviting. All of the teachers at VSCP are amazing! They truly care about each child and are passionate about their learning. We are so happy to have found this school for our son. He has had a wonderful experience and has grown an immense amount. We are thankful for all that VSCP has taught him and we know that his transition into Kindergarten will be seamless. We would highly recommend this school to all!”


The Berry Family

“We are delighted with our choice of Valley Springs Christian Preschool. Our daughter cannot wait to go to school. We love how developmentally appropriate the format is; the correct balance of free time to explore with several activities to choose from along with short periods of structure. We love how clean the facilities always are. We love the creativeness of the projects and activities. We love how the teachers are frequently down on the carpet with the children in smaller groups and engaging with them at their level. Most of all, we love how prayerfully led the program is.”


The Wilson Family

“Our family has been a part of Valley Springs Christian Preschool for nearly two full years now. And we are registered to be there again for a full year, next year. We love it so much. I (mom) feel so safe and confident leaving my children there (both my sons have been a part of their program). They love the LORD and love to show God’s love to all the children. In addition, they put a comforting priority on cleanliness, such as washing hands (kiddos and teachers), and sanitizing toys and common surfaces inside the classroom... The staff at Valley Springs does a wonderful job, their absolute best, to minimize the spread of germs. I’ve truly been so happy with Valley Springs and would recommend it to any friend of mine!”


The Snyder Family

"Thank you for making our first year of school so positive!  It's going to be hard to top this year.  Our son has grown in leaps and bounds and has learned more than just his ABC's.  What is taught at this school isn't taught elsewhere, and that is how to be kind, loving and compassionate to others without comparison or negativity.  We are so looking forward to continuing our journey at VSPC preschool!"


A Happy Preschool Parent

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